Commercial Pilot Training
in the
South Africa

A Gateway to the African Sky, Where Adventure Meets Excellence !

Consider South Africa for aviation training. Their academies adhere to DGCA norms, ensuring a smooth transition for your Indian aviation career. With lower flying costs and diverse locations for practical training, South Africa offers a vibrant learning experience. Moreover, it provides extensive flight training experiences by following the curriculars set by FAA, CAA, and EASA standards.

Key Information

Flight Schools : 2

Location : South Africa

Budget: 35 lakhs (Approx)

Flying Hours : 200 Hrs

Accommodation & Transportation Included
(T & C Apply)

Duration : 12 – 18 Months

Advantages of Training in South Africa

Affordable Cost-effective Flying

ICAO Approved License & Worldwide reputable

Flight Training as per DGCA Norms

Smooth License Conversion

Experienced Instructors

Latest Aircraft for Flight Training

Types of Fleets

Cessna 172 (Analogue)

Cessna 172S

Piper PA28

Diamond DA 42

Piper PA-34

Courses we Offered


Instrument Rating (IR)

An instrument rating on a license is required to fly in the IMC conditions (INSTRUMENT METEOROLOGICAL CONDITIONS) which are generally due to bad weather conditions.

Private Pilot License

This license allows the aspiring pilot to operate an aircraft under Visual Flight Rules (VFR); holder of this license can carry passengers but not for compensation or hire.

Type Rating

A type rating certifies a pilot to fly a specific aircraft after passing exams. It’s essential for working as a commercial pilot in airlines, adding to a pilot’s license and specific airplane training Like Airbus & Boeing etc

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Commercial Pilot Licence

A Commercial Pilot License (CPL) empowers pilots to operate aircraft professionally, allowing them to receive compensation for their flying services, provided they meet industry hiring standards

Diploma In Aviation

The Aviation Diploma program offers extensive training in aviation basics through ground school and flight missions. Graduates earn licenses and a diploma, enhancing job prospects with comprehensive knowledge and skills.

Instructor Rating (CFI)

Endorsement of the flight instructor rating gives a Commercial Pilot License holder an opportunity to teach the students and it also helps them to build some hours with earning which will also help the candidate to stand out of the competition with more instructing hours for the airline operations.

From Aspirations to Achievements: Our Students' Pilot Journey in South Africa!

Ajith Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

This is my second time applying for a visa with them after my Canada rejection. I've had my doubts in the beginning, during but they proved that they're second to none. They're with me through this entire journey, helped me when I'm down waiting for visa, cleared all my queries and got me into flying school without any hassle. Nidhi, Antima and the whole team, thank you for everything you've done to get me my New Zealand visa.

Anshika Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

My name is Anshika, I came to know about Getwings Aviation through one of my friends. I reached one of the biggest milestones of my life when I got a visa. Thank you so much for being there to provide information and guidance whenever it was required, the process of the visa was explained by Nidhi Vij patiently. I had a nice time with her staff as her team was very patient in clearing all the doubts and also the team was very flexible in the timings.

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