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Welcome to Getwings Aviation Private Limited! We offer top-tier aviation education, from ground school to overseas pilot training. Led by experts, we prepare aspiring pilots for success worldwide.

Courses we Offered

Private Pilot License

This license allows the aspiring pilot to operate an aircraft under Visual Flight Rules (VFR); holder of this license can carry passengers but not for compensation or hire.

Commercial Pilot Licence

A Commercial Pilot License (CPL) empowers pilots to operate aircraft professionally, allowing them to receive compensation for their flying services, provided they meet industry hiring standards

Instrument Rating (IR)

An instrument rating on a license is required to fly in the IMC conditions (INSTRUMENT METEOROLOGICAL CONDITIONS) which are generally due to bad weather conditions.

Instructor Rating (CFI)

Endorsing a flight instructor rating allows a Commercial Pilot License holder to teach students, build flight hours, and earn income, making them more competitive for airline operations.

Diploma in Aviation

The Aviation Diploma program offers extensive training in aviation basics through ground school and flight missions. Graduates earn licenses and a diploma, enhancing job prospects with comprehensive knowledge and skills.

Type Rating

A type rating certifies a pilot to fly a specific aircraft after passing exams. It's essential for working as a commercial pilot in airlines, adding to a pilot's license and specific airplane training Like Airbus & Boeing etc .

From Aspirations to Achievements:
Our Students' Pilot Journey in South Africa!

Student Testimonials


Sangeeth K.ASangeeth K.A
14:27 27 May 24
Hello Aviators,I’m literally happy to share my experience with Getwings aviation.I should say they got a wonderful team to help us out with all our doubts and queries.Getwings was recommended to me by my friend, after he got a great experienceOnce I contacted them and I got a clear understanding about how this process gonna work and got suggested with many opinions.I applied my South African application through them and the process was smooth, I was just asked to prepare the docs and rest was fully taken care of by the team. They arranged regular follow up in my process and I should say they did the best for me.Getwings I’m literally happy with your service and wish the whole team (Nidhi, Shubham and Antima) with success and growth in your entire Journey.Happy landingsWith regardsSangeeth
12:51 27 May 24
I got to know about Getwings through a friend who had his canada process done, which was guided by them. I was a bit hesitant at first since I wasn’t from Delhi. But after applying for my computer number through them, I was convinced that I could trust them with my application. I would like to thank Nidhi Mam, Antima Mam, and Shubham Bro. Nidhi Mam is well-informed of the current aviation trends and regulations. She knows the industry inside out. Antima Mam has been like a friend whom I can text regarding all the paperwork requirements and other queries at any time concerning my applications. With Shubham Bro, I got my computer number on my first attempt with them. His suggestions played a huge role. All the applications that I submitted through them had very fast responses. Their guidance is very helpful. For all the pilot aspirants in India, you can blindly trust them with your applications .
hashir anzhashir anz
14:47 10 May 24
I applied my computer number with Getwings and got the best guidance .I received my computer number in the first attempt . Highly recommend
Rakshana IlangovanRakshana Ilangovan
09:44 03 May 24
My overall experience with Getwings to date has been amazing and worthwhile. They helped me with application process and academy selection for both SOUTH AFRICA and CANADA. They made the process incredibly smooth and hassle-free.I received it under 15 days.Nidhi and Anthima were whom I were in contact with throughout the process and they were genuinely supportive till the end.Highly recommending aspiring pilots to reach them if y’all have any queries about your applications.
Pratiksha ArunPratiksha Arun
12:20 24 Apr 24
I recently utilized GetWings Aviation for assistance with obtaining a Canadian process , and I must say, it was a seamless experience from start to finish. Nidhi, my point of contact, demonstrated exceptional responsiveness and extensive knowledge throughout the process.Nidhi's responsiveness stood out from the beginning. She promptly addressed all my inquiries and concerns, ensuring I felt supported and informed at every step. Her proactive approach not only expedited the process but also cleared my doubts I had about the application.Moreover,Their team’s depth of knowledge about the Canadian process was impressive. They provided comprehensive guidance, and requirements, which significantly streamlined my application process. Their expertise gave me confidence that I was in capable hands.Overall, my experience with GetWings Aviation , especially with Nidhi's and Anitma’s assistance, exceeded my expectations. Their professionalism, efficiency, and personalized support made the application process stress-free and efficient. I wholeheartedly recommend GetWings Aviation to anyone seeking reliable assistance for their visa needs.
ashfaak ashkiiashfaak ashkii
10:30 25 Feb 24
Absolutely Getwings is the great place to go for visa processing especially for pilot training. I applied for Canada with them. They really helped me out right from the beginning till the end of the application process. I would like to specially thank Nidhi mam for all her guidance, she was so kind and helped me to go through the right strategy for my application and also I would like to thank Ms. Antima who helped me to process my application and cleared all my doubts instantly. Overall my experience with them was super smooth. I would highly recommend any pilot aspirant to blindly believe them for all your career needs. Thank you Getwings, you people are amazing.
06:13 30 Jan 24
Getwings helped me to get my New Zealand study permit.Their team was completely transparent and professional….they got all my doubts cleared politely and most importantly they had the patience to walk me through the process and provide me with detailed instructions on the required documents.They made sure everything was perfect and got the job done and mainly I need to thank Nidhi mam and antima mam they helped me throughout this process and prepared me for a visa interview.To conclude in short they make sure their customers are satisfied.
Jessinth BlessoJessinth Blesso
14:09 18 Dec 23
Had a wonderful experience, Getwings helped my New Zealand Study permit to be approved in under a month. They provide really good customer support. All my doubts and issues were cleared now and then from day 1 of the process. Wonderful team and everything gets done precisely and perfectly. Special heartfelt thanks to Nidhi mam and Antima mam.
Adnan khanAdnan khan
09:08 28 Oct 23
I had a great experience with Getwings to help me with my New Zealand visa process. I was extremely pleased with the overall help and guidance that I received. The team members were very knowledgeable and always willing to answer any of my questions and concerns. They provided me with the latest information on the process and always kept me updated. They were extremely responsive and always available to help. They made sure that all of my documents were in order, and the entire process went smoothly. I highly recommend for anyone in need of visa assistance for their pilot training abroad.

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